APEAS was founded in 1970, by young, energetic and idealist engineers, who then promised to keep the engineering vision as the main principal of the Company. Since then, for 35 years, I am proud to point that  APEAS strictly followed the principles outlined below in all company activities;

With the highest standard of quality

In the shortest time

At the lowest and most competitive cost possible

Ensuring full satisfaction of the customer

The experience, efficiency and stability, gained within 35 years, together with the energy of our dedicated staff, is the warranty assurance of our reliability in construction and contracting sector, regardless of the type, size and complexity of each project.

With its engineering vision ahead, APEAS always places its services for the Clients, by developing the most aesthetic and functional architectural and engineering design and introducing the most efficient methods of construction, specifically tailored for each project.

Today, APEAS group is conducting its’ activities in Construction, Tourism and Trade in Turkey and abroad. Working abroad with various foreign Clients and entities, have enriched the experience of APEAS and resulted in new partnerships with domestic and international companies in several countries. Now APEAS, together with its sister companies, is aiming forward to serve better to its Clients with the same commitment to its principles, as a trustworthy contractor and a reliable partner.

The completed and ongoing projects illustrated in this pages are a testimony to the principle of APEAS to meet the highest standards in execution and handing over of the undertaken projects to the satisfaction of the Client.

Finally, I would commit myself that APEAS shall continue to employ its full effort to keep its strong reputation in all its activities and always stay as young, as energetic and as engineer as it had been for 35 years.

Melih Cemil TAYMAZ

Founder of the Company