ZAFE Marketing & Foreign Trade Co. Ltd. was established from the idea of APEAS Group in order to share procurement, logistics, construction, engineering, decoration and hotel management experiences with the group as well as to the other companies…

Established by 4 young and idealist engineers and based on the vision of engineering APEAS has sustained its loyalty to the principles of customer satisfaction, the highest quality in the shortest time with the lowest and most competitive cost by combining its sense of aesthetic and functionality with the developing architectural and constructional techniques.

Combining ZAFE expertise, financial planning, analytical skills and comprehensive market knowledge in hospitality, logistics and project management, we provide excellent procurement services, enabling us to make significant budget optimizations without compromising the quality and quantity required for hotel operations.

ZAFE combines ability to supply all needed equipment in hotels and shopping centers ranging from industrial washing machines, kitchen equipment, minibars and safes for room, personal cleaning products to room textile, lighting systems, movable and stable furniture, communication or banqueting equipment with its logistic skills based on the most reliable and secure delivery to the most relevant cost. ZAFE could supply all of your FF&E and OS&E needs without making confession in quality and speed.

ZAFE has evolved out of the combination of experience gained in many hotel, shopping mall, airport, luxury buildings, residence and management buildings projects conducted by APEAS and skills and experiences gained in many successful hotel, dwelling and shopping center decoration works and masonry works of Altýnel Tasarým. ZAFE has turned the ongoing partnership in years of APEAS Group with many Turkish firms proving themselves in inland and outland with their quality like Tolkar, Ottoman, Diversey, Sabah, ISM & Detay Textile to a distributorship with its presentative identity in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Maldives.

ZAFE provided “purchasing agency” & “logistics” service in Dedeman Denizli, Dedeman Kazakhstan, Congo Radisson Blu, Hyatt Regency Hotel Istanbul Ataköy, Hytt Regency Tashkent Uzbekistan, Radisson Park Inn Samsun, Wyndham Tashkent Uzbekistan, Ali Bey Maldives Resort Hotel accomplishing procurement of all materials with great success ensuring the cost savings from the proposed procurement & logistics budgets.

We are offering our culture and background that enable to evaluate all needs of hotels, luxury buildings and shopping centers in project, construction and management stages from the perspective of construction and management and presents its service in four international locations such as Maldives, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan & Turkey.